About us

Centuries of beer business experience.

We know all about beer.
Beer is our business. Since the founding of our first brewery in 1538 in The Netherlands we have been serving our beers to consumers all over the world. Through the centuries we have developed from a classical brewery into an independent supplier of all major European beer styles.
United Dutch Breweries has created and uses its own high quality brewery network throughout Europe. This makes us probably the most flexible supplier in the entire business, as we are able to offer all major beer styles.
From classical Dutch style lager beers to authentic Belgian Abbey beers or German Weissbier; from 0.0% up to 16% alcohol; we have it all on offer, either under one of our own heritage brand labels or via a trading brand or exclusive private label.

UDB takes pride in its business

We are proud to have been involved in the beer business for almost 500 years, and this gives us claim to a unique position. What makes us so unique?

We are:

  • Proudly independent and 100% Dutch
  • Owners of some of Holland’s most respected heritage beer brands:
  • Flexible: we are able to supply a broad range of beer styles in a large variety of packaging options
  • Europe’s finest: we offer award-winning quality beers from our network of partner breweries
  • Proud of our tailor-made beer solutions: you ask, we develop and we deliver it all in a short timeframe
  • Experts in export: we export to over 100 countries around the world no matter what the market complexity; we will deliver our beers.
  • We have: a highly skilled back-office which facilitates shipment and paperwork
  • We have: a Sales Team that travels continuously in order to serve our customers
  • We offer: Marketing support. We have an in-house design & marketing department in order to create added value for our customers
  • Exclusive: we are able to supply our brands or packagings on a market exclusive base. For this reason we have over 40 brands available for our customers
About us

About us

Beer is our business. United Dutch Breweries ships over 5000 containers of beer a year. That is about 1 million hectoliter of Europe’s most respected beer. Since 1538 we have been serving quality Dutch beers. Cheers!

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Our products

Our products

Since the founding of our first brewery in 1538 we have been serving our quality beers over the entire world. Through the centuries we have developed ourselves from a classical brewery into an independent supplier.

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We are passionate about our beers and we are surely passionate to know our customers. Please contact the UDB offices in order to speak with Customer Service or your local Area Sales Manager.